Andalusia is an excellent choice for organizing your next conference, convention or symposium. It offers a sunny setting and all necessary infrastructures from conference center to a hotel with convention center that will suit your needs.

Organizing a conference seems like a daunting task, but it is necessary to boost your network. With a great local agency, your event will be a success thanks to its expertise. You will have good organizational practices : good planning, good communication and time management. Whether your future project is intended for the general public or an informed public, our team will be by your side step by step in the organization of your next event. Feel free to contact us.

To help you plan your project, we have broken down important organizational stages of your event. Beforehand, you must study the feasibility of your project.

As an organizer the first step is to define the goals you want to achieve and set a budget. This will help you determine the size of your event, possible locations, speakers and sponsors.

Find the perfect venue: Find a suitable venue for your event based on conference size, room availability, location and services offered. Hotels, conference centers, and corporate meeting rooms are all common choices.

The plenary room must also meet your specifications and the setting must always be attractive both for the participants and for your speakers and sponsors.

Depending on the target audience of your convention, it is just as important to position yourself on a strategic date, considering several factors : major events (national and regional scale), actions planned by the competition, school holidays, etc…

Conference organization Conference organization Conference organization

The format and theme of your conference is the key

Recruit speakers and presenters : Speakers and presenters play a crucial role in the success of your conference. Hire speakers who are experts in their field and who can add value to your event by addressing relevant and innovative themes. Presenters can also help keep your audience engaged and interested throughout the conference.

Develop a conference agenda : Think about the format and themes of the mini-events that will take place during your conference. Create a detailed agenda for your conference, including session times, presenters and topics. Make sure the program is clear and easy for your participants to understand.

In parallel with your congress, it is a good idea to organize peripheral actions such as : one-to-one meetings, networking activities, private debates with expert speakers on the subject, a dinner debate on the theme of the conference or an private evening in an exceptional setting. These peripheral actions will generate additional interest in your conference and can also be a source of additional income.

Logistics and communication strategy

Logistics management : we will assure all logistical details such as : catering, accommodation, registration management, technology needed for presentations and interactive sessions, and transportation. Thanks to our expertise, we work with quality service providers from all sectors.

Promote your event : Use a variety of channels to promote your conference, such as social media, email marketing, posters and announcements. Ensure to promote the benefits of your conference and highlight the speakers and themes. Communication about your project with your network will be the key to participation. You will also need to think about the material and documents you want sent to participants.


Post event : It is important to define a post-event strategy in advance to make your event resonate after the big day. An online platform with video broadcasting and downloading documents covering the themes is always a good idea. Participants will be able to share key content with their network and team within their company. For you as an organizer, it is a way to share the content of your conference with people who are not present and to retrieve important data.

Evaluate your success : After the conference, evaluate the results within your initial objectives and collect feedback from participants and guests at peripheral actions to improve your next event. It will help you measure the success of your conference and improve future events.

Following these key steps, your conference will achieve your goals efficiently and on budget. For everything else, our team puts its skills and expertise at your disposal.

MACNAA Group is an incoming agency (DMC) based in Marbella. It specializes in the organization and production of high-end corporate events in Andalusia, southern of Spain. Member of the Convention Bureau Costa del Sol, it supports you in the organization of your corporate events (MICE : seminar, incentive, team building, trade fair, conferences and congresses) in the region's flagship cities : Seville, Marbella, Malaga. Authenticity, the quality of infrastructure and the favorable climate of the Costa del Sol throughout the year will be the keys to success. Entrust us with your next event and your guests will experience memorable moments.