It all started at the beginning of 2019 when Camila et Nabil, originally from Paris, chose to settle in Marbella for the quality of life there.

They are contacted from the first summer season by their family circle and professional network about the destination: where to stay, good addresses, visits not to be missed, and many others.

The observation is simple: many of us are wary of the advertisements on reservation platforms and are looking for real local expertise. To meet this need Camila and Nabil decide to embark on a new adventure and create together Macnaa Group, a high-end agency which organizes tailor-made stays and professional events.

The MACNAA DNA is, first of all, Camila and Nabil, complementary and harmonious as yin and yang, they form a true dynamic pair. Their aim is to create memorable experiences for their customers through their expertise.

Attention to detail


holds a master’s degree in Meeting and Event Industry and has more than ten years of experience in the tourism and events sector. Her career has led her to work in several large European cities (Paris, London, Geneva and Malaga). During these years, Camila has acquired solid skills in organizing tailor-made events for her clients.


joined a training center to become a footballer at the age of 16. It was at the dawn of his 18th birthday that he signed his first professional contract. What followed was 10 years of a professional career in Europe (Switzerland, United Kingdom and Spain) but above all many meetings, travels and various experiences.

Together, Camila and Nabil are the definition of complementarity. They share the same main qualities :  responsiveness, attention do detail and confidentiality. The co-founders have selected their local service providers with the greatest care to guarantee the  excellent quality of service .

Thanks to their professionalism, dynamism and attentiveness, they are proud to offer personalized solutions to their customers, responding to all their requests and needs, guaranteeing an unforgettable stay

Today, thanks to the trust of our customers, Macnaa Group, is an adventure that is growing and expanding to new destinations to offer ever more  villa rentals high-end and unique experiences.

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