Macnaa has voluntarily integrated social and environmental concerns linked to its commercial activity.

Internally, a charter of good practices (e.g.: reduction of paper printing, use of reusable tableware in the office, annual participation in blood donation, etc.) has been settled for employees.

Beyond its daily actions, Macnaa adheres to the SME Friends of UNICEF program and dedicates part of its turnover to benefit children in the most disadvantaged communities in several countries around the world.

The financial support provided to the UNICEF program goes with specific projects such as the following examples :

  • access to vaccines
  • provision of hygiene kits to significantly reduce the risk of diseases
  • scholarship program to allow these children to have access to quality education

For Macnaa, the success of a company does not only depend on its financial results, but also on its commitment to society and the environment. By collaborating with UNICEF, Macnaa is proud to demonstrate that business can have a positive social impact.


For many years, Camila et Nabil have been personally involved with various associations (social, health and environmental), it is obvious to them that these commitments are also reflected at the level of their company.