Renting a luxury villa or chalet is a unique experience that you should offer you to live an incomparable level of comfort and relaxation during your next vacation. There are many reasons to rent a luxury property for your next vacation.

Renting a luxury villa with a private swimming pool allows you to enjoy moments in complete privacy surrounded by your friends and family. All our properties have been carefully selected and meet specifications carefully defined by our team. Each villa has at least 3 bedrooms and a living area of 100 m². All of our villas presented in our catalog are equipped with a private swimming pool and some of them can be heated.

It also gives you the opportunity to personalize your vacation and create lasting memories. You can choose to rent a villa based on your design preferences, desired location, size of the house, size of the pool, number of bedrooms or amenities present. You can also choose to add the concierge service, delivered internationally, to enhance your week. This service allows you to organize these future memorable moments down to the smallest detail. For example, the service of a starred chef for a romantic dinner with a sea view or a physical trainer selected according to your needs throughout the stay, organizing yoga or crossfit sessions accompanied by a private coach, book all types of treatments such as a hairdresser at home or a massage on the beach of a private island, organize a movie night at home and all other types of requests.

In order to create these future memorable moments, collecting some information is obligatory for us. It allows us to offer you exactly what you are looking for. Below you will find a complete and detailed guide to all the steps and procedures related to renting luxury properties or chalets with MACNAA.


Get inspired and

contact us

After viewing our online catalog of luxury villas, send us a reservation request for the property(s) of your choice. It will be important to mention: :

  • your planned dates, number of nights or number of weeks desired
  • the number of people who will be present in the villa during your stay or
  • the number of bedrooms needed


Some properties are only available to families, it will be obligatory to send us if you wish to come :

  • in family
  • with friends
  • or on a business trip


When you are a group of friends, please let us know the average age, this will allow us to offer you the properties that meet your expectations.

We personalize your trip down to the smallest detail to make it unique thanks to high-end services. This is why do not hesitate to send us any information that seems important to you, all of which will facilitate your next week of vacation. Our local expertise will be your best ally.

If you can’t choose your next villa with private pool for your future vacation we can help you do it. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact us and mention:

  • the destination(s) you are interested in
  • the exact date and number of nights
  • if you are traveling with family, friends (please indicate the average age) or on business trip
  • the number of people
  • the number of bedrooms needed
  • the wished equipments
  • the budget


Do not hesitate to send us any other useful information for your next request. This information will allow us to make you a personalized proposal that meets your expectations. For example, wanting to rent sea view or mountain view villas, traveling with your pet, wanting an indoor swimming pool or even a prestigious house located on a private island.


First discussion

We will contact you to confirm that we have received your request. After receiving your information, we comit to send you a proposal for available luxury villas or chalets as well as detailed prices within 36 hours. Our team will make you a personalized offer corresponding to your wishes. In addition, we present to you the exclusive services and unique experiences available in the destination to enhance your stay.



From this step, our local expert will be able to offer you the properties corresponding to your searches by indicating the price of the renting and the additional services available allowing you to experience an unforgettable week.

We will do our best to offer you several villas with swimming pools for you to receive a variety of villas allowing you to choose exactly the one that suits your next vacation expectations. We will detail everything that is included in the rental price, such as daily cleaning, a driver available or even a private chef. It is during this step that we will be able to send you our “Off Market” luxury villas which are not present on the site but reserved for our customers.

If you decide to spend a long stay in one of our property, we will try hand in hand with the owner to offer you a more attractive price than the basic rental price.



Once you have made your choice, we will need to receive the passport of the person signing the rental contract as well as their home address. In order to finalize your reservation, you will need to sign the contract and send us proof of bank transfer according to the established conditions. The following conditions generally apply to the reservation but remain subject to the conditions of each owner:

  • For a reservation made more than 2 months before the start of the rental, a first payment representing 50% of the total rental price as well as the security deposit will be requested when signing the contract. And no later than 30 days before the start of the rental, you must make the second payment, representing the remaining 50%.
  • For a reservation made less than 2 months before the start of the rental, the full payment of the rental as well as the security deposit will be requested.

These payments are non-refundable. However, we will always be at your side during the process of organizing your stay if a last minute change arises and we will endeavor to find the solution together.


D-7, tick tock
tick tock

The person dedicated to your stay will contact you via WhatsApp one week before your arrival in order to send you all the information relating to your stay and finalize the final preparations for your trip.

Do not hesitate to send us your last minute wishes which may please you when you check in at the villa, such as, for example, the delivery of groceries or a massage to help you recover from your trip. Our vocation is to make your week memorable.


Check in &
Check out

The person dedicated to your stay will welcome you to the villa and give you a complete tour of the property. Introducing you to the bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, swimming pool and how to use the facilities present in the luxury villa you have chosen. He/She will send you all the necessary codes such as wifi access codes, security alarm codes as well as the sets of keys at your disposal during your stay. Don’t hesitate to ask him/her any questions you need, he/she will be happy to answer them. We will always remain reachable if you need anything during your stay. It is important to point out that in most villas the concierge service is not included in your reservation, the stay organization service such as restaurant reservations, activity reservations or even the organization of services at home will be extra. Thanks to our premium concierge service you can take advantage of this asset to make your stay even more unique. It is after check-in that you can fully enjoy your well-deserved moments of relaxation.

At the end of your stay, the person dedicated to your villa rental will take you on a short tour of the house to see its condition. It is after the departure of the cleaning staff that we will be able to give you initial feedback on the condition of the house. If there is no damage, we comit to return the security deposit to you within 7 days of your departure. If, during your stay, we notice any damage, we will need 21 days to return the security deposit and send you supporting documents relating to the purchase or repair of the damage.


Do not hesitate to book now your luxury property for your next vacation.