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Large luxury villa rental for 12 people and more.

Discover our prestigious selection of luxury villa rentals for 12 people and more !

If you’re looking for the perfect place to accommodate a large group, a family gathering, or even a getaway with friends, look no further. Our spacious and elegant villas offer all the space and comfort you need to create unforgettable memories.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the enchanting charm of a luxury villa designed to accommodate 12 people or more. Each villa has been carefully selected for its prime location, exceptional design, and high-quality amenities. Generous living spaces and sumptuous bedrooms ensure that every member of your group feels pampered and relaxed.

Book one of our luxurious villas for 12 people today and get ready for an unparalleled vacation experience. Let us turn your holiday dreams into reality by providing you with a haven of peace where comfort, style and relaxation come together harmoniously.

Luxury villas with large capacity

Our villas feature fully equipped kitchens where you can prepare delicious meals and enjoy moments of conviviality around a large dining table. The outdoor spaces are equally spectacular, with sparkling pools, lush gardens and spacious terraces to bask in the sun and the gentle breeze.

Whether you want to host private gatherings, have outdoor barbecues or simply relax by the pool, our villas for 12 people offer an endless array of options to create your own bespoke experience. Moreover, our teams are at your disposal to meet your needs, whether it’s arranging local activities, booking restaurants or personal request thanks to our concierge services.

luxury villas luxury villas luxury villas

Ensuring a unique, exceptional and personalized experience, is the motto of our team.

We have carefully selected a list of villas and chalets for rent, located in the trendiest destinations. Whether you’re looking to rent a seaside villa or a mountain chalet, we have what you need. Our exclusive properties offer the comfort and style you need to make unforgettable memories.

All properties

Our exclusive properties offer the comfort and style you need for unforgettable moments !


Whether you are looking to rent a villa by the sea or a chalet in the mountains for 12 people , we have what you need.

All properties
All properties

Our villas with private pool for rent are often designed with clean lines and premium materials, along with multiple bedrooms to provide a luxurious living experience. Modern homes with sea views in Mallorca are often equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows to fully enjoy the view, as well as a private pool for relaxation and refreshment. You can expect spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, fast Wi-Fi to meet all your needs, a private pool, a jacuzzi, a gym or even a cinema room.

Some villas have the privilege of having heated pools, allowing you to enjoy them all year round. An additional fee will be required to enjoy this premium service.

Our finest villas even have private access to beaches that only the tenants of the house can enjoy. These added features will make your vacation magical. Imagine organizing a family lunch on the private beach of your villa. We would be delighted to offer you these unique experiences on your next vacation.

MACNAA destinations

Dive into a world of refinement and luxury with our exclusive selection of prestige villas, carefully chosen in the most sought-after destinations of the Mediterranean basin. We invite you to discover exceptional resort experiences in iconic locations, combining local charm with unparalleled comfort. Here’s a glimpse of the sumptuous destinations we have carefully selected for your pleasure:

French Riviera, France: Nestled on the picturesque shores of the French Riviera, our collection of luxury villas offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Gems like Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Nice invite you to immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of the region, while our private villas provide oases of serenity and luxury where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Marbella, Spain: Discover the glamour and opulence of Marbella, one of the trendiest destinations on the Costa del Sol. Our luxury villas offer privileged access to golden beaches, stylish beach clubs and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy the Spanish way of life while relaxing in sumptuous properties with infinity pools and lush gardens.

Balearic Islands (Mallorca and Ibiza): Immerse yourself in the carefree excitement of the Balearic Islands. Whether in Mallorca with its diverse landscapes of mountains and beaches, or in Ibiza with its legendary parties and idyllic coves, our villas offer an unforgettable luxury getaway in the heart of these Mediterranean gems.

Mykonos, Greece: The White Island welcomes you with its narrow streets, colorful shuttered houses, and beaches with crystal-clear waters. Our luxury villas in Mykonos offer a tranquil retreat with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, combining traditional Cycladic charm with modern amenities.

Marrakech, Morocco: Immerse yourself in the enchanting delights of Marrakech, where Moorish architecture and bustling souks will captivate you. Our luxurious villas invite you to immerse yourself in authentic Moroccan style, with lush gardens, sumptuous courtyards and private pools for a memorable experience.

Each destination has been carefully selected to offer an authentic and personalized luxury experience. Whether you want to relax by the pool, explore picturesque surroundings or enjoy local delights, our villas provide a sanctuary where dreams come true. Book now to create lasting memories in these dream destinations.

The reasons that turn the rental of a luxury villa into an unforgettable experience.

Discover the ultimate luxury and comfort by opting for the rental of an exceptional villa, specially designed to accommodate your group of 12 people or more.

When traveling in a group, the main advantage of a luxury villa is the space it offers. Everyone can enjoy personal space while gathering in spacious living rooms, sunny terraces and relaxation areas. No more compromises on privacy or the crowdedness of conventional hotel rooms.

Luxury villas are designed to provide personalized comfort. Enjoy sumptuous bedrooms with top-quality amenities, elegant living spaces and modern facilities that meet the needs of everyone in your group.

Luxury villas are perfect for hosting meetings and special celebrations. You can plan private moments, outdoor barbecues or sumptuous dinners without the space restrictions encountered in other types of accommodations.

A fully equipped kitchen in a luxury villa gives you the freedom to prepare your own meals. This is ideal for those who enjoy cooking together and sharing gourmet moments without the constraints of restaurant schedules. We can also assist you in organizing a gourmet dinner orchestrated by a chef.

Some luxury villas offer included services. Contact our team if you need dedicated concierge services during your stay (from restaurant reservations to local activities, spa services, and excursions); our team can fully tailor your stay to your preferences.

If you divide the rental costs among the members of your group, renting a luxury villa can be cost-effective compared to booking multiple separate hotel rooms.

Renting a luxury villa for 12 people offers an unparalleled experience in terms of space, comfort and customization. It’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories while savoring the refinement of upscale accommodation. Experience a group getaway that combines intimacy, relaxation and style by booking one of our exclusive villas now.

Looking for exclusivity, rent an OFF Market villa.

The ‘off-market’ rental of a luxury villa refers to a discreet and confidential rental arrangement that is not advertised or publicly promoted. This may be sought after by individuals who desire a more exclusive and private experience.

Our luxury rental agency is in contact with villa owners who prefer to maintain discretion. We have access to exclusive networks and can assist you in organizing your stay privately and tailor-made. We will provide you with all the information about ‘off-market’ rental properties and assist you in coordinating the rental according to your needs.

Feel free to contact us to receive our catalog of even more exclusive villas.