We organize your tailor-made business seminar in an exceptional setting : the Costa del Sol.

Choosing an unusual setting offers the possibility for your employees to experience a luxury, original and ideal business seminar. Luxury leisure and activities combined with a sophisticated environment in a privileged location and tailored made service guarantee a memorable event.

MACNAA experts will assist you in organizing an original, luxurious business seminar, in an idyllic location with tailor-made services.

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Organizing team building activities is essential for a smooth running of your seminar and a propitious communication between employees and team cohesion.

MACNAA Agency will be by your side to organize of all types of tailor-made event in an exceptional location, conducive to work, team building, team cohesion and relaxation thanks to a selection of activities adapted to your employees.

Our experts helps you in particular to choose the ideal location : you have a wide choice

among our selection of luxury villas and activities for your event or business seminar.

Regarding the organization of the business seminar, it is essential in advance to define the budget and objectives of the event. MACNAA will find you the venue that meets your desires.

andalusian seminar andalusian seminar andalusian seminar

Our events agency help you to find the ideal venue for your business seminar. During your event, it is necessary to think about activities conducive to work and relaxation, whether during the day or in the evening. MACNAA Agency will be proactive regarding these aspects to offer you a memorable seminar.

MACNAA Agency offers you a tailor-made organization for your business seminar, supporting you in the choice of venue, services, entertainment, team building activities and into the overall logistic of your event. You can therefore have access to exceptional villas perfectly suited to work, with meeting rooms equipped for presentations and to organiza team building activities.

The venue location is essential because it must meet the objectives of your business seminar : the location must promote team cohesion and the well-being of employees.

The organization of business seminars meets specific objectives, allowing your employees to relax and enjoy a break encouraging motivation and performance at work.

Seminar benefits to all participants by providing the opportunity to recharge their batteries physically and emotionally. In order to have beneficial effects on your employees, it is necessary to plan the organization of the event in advance.

Entertainment, team building activities, team cohesion, relaxation, these aspects must be taken into consideration. The location and on-site services are essential to a smooth running of your seminar. It will create an unforgettable memory for the teams.